Music- The Wicker Men

I saw The Wicker Men (Patience Yanderling and Hojji Firemaker based out of Nevada City, CA) on New Year’s 2007, and keep thinking back to their songs and unique style. They mentioned one of the songs came out of the question ‘what is sacred?’


That was a good question for me last year- my answer was  ‘nature’ (and hence the change in this website).


The Wicker Men homepage
Wickermen MySpace page
Earth Cry CD


(revised- originally posted 5-28-2008)

About the Author

Retired from an environmental protection career in California, and letting her forested land in the Southeast heal itself, Dana is traveling in an RV with her husband throughout North America. As a Druid, she enjoys building connections - keeping seasonal festivals (the Wheel of the Year), honoring places and spirits, connecting with plants (using the Ogham), and visiting with other Druids.

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