Ellinais – the Holy Association of Greek Ancient Religion Believers

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Hellenic (Greek) & Roman religion

It’s estimated that there are thousands of  Greeks worshiping the ancient Roman Gods. Following the documentary “I Still Worship Zeus (2004)”  the Ellinais association was formed in 2005.  In 2006 the Greek  high court granted them status as a “cultural association based on religious grounds”.  Ellinais believes in world peace, ecological awareness, and the right to education. (Beliefs common to pagan or polytheistic groups). One of their goals is to find and bless ancient temples in Greece.

It sound like Ellinais is fighting for religious equality in a difficult political system. I couldn’t find much on what they are doing this year, but here are some past articles:

Greeks Free To Worship The Old Gods– the Wild Hunt, Mar 25th 2006

New Temples, Old Stones?– The Wild Hunt, Apr 17th 2006

Greek cult holds forbidden ceremony at Zeus templeReligionNewsBlog.com,  Jan. 22, 2007

After 1,500 years, pagans plan Acropolis prayerwww.religionnewsblog.com,  Aug. 29, 2008

Pagans pray to goddess Athena in rare gathering at the Parthenonwww.religionnewsblog.com,  Sep. 2, 2008

Wikipedia on Ellinais (I know, I know…)


Ellinais- The Holy Association of Greek Ancient Religion Believers- also known as ΕΛΛΗΝΑΙΣ. Ελλήνων Αρχαιοθρήσκων Ιερόν Σωματείον. They also have a Facebook page: Ελληναισ Community .

10/13/2014- revised Ellinais information.


    1. Mark-
      I’m not sure how active Ellinais is currently, but they seem to be primarily for Greek residents. (I don’t read Greek so I am guessing here 😉 ). ADF is a US based druid order that includes ancient Greek deities as part of their Indo-European polytheism. They have ‘kin‘ groups, and one of these is the ‘Oi Asproi Koukouvayies (White Owls Kin): Hellenic (a.k.a. Ancient Greek) traditions’. I hope this helps. (Sorry for the late reply.) Blessings, D.

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