Ohn (or Onn)      Symbol: Ohn (or Onn)

Sound value: O

Literal meaning: Gorse

Pronounced as “UHN”

Northwest Europe


(Ulex europaneus)

Features: Dense, prickly bush, grows on poorest soils (Pea Family)

Uses: Wood used for fuel, planted for hedging & windbreaks.

North Central Florida


(Senna obtusifolia)

Note: no direct local native equivalent found- this is not a Ulexs spp. plant, but has similar features to Gorse.

Features: Dense annual bush (Pea Family)

Uses: Source of Cassia gum. Medicinal uses.


Sicklepod (Senna obtusifolia), Starke, Florida

Modern divinatory meaning: Attraction & possibility; Harvesting sweet or valuable things.

Animal symbolism (based on traditional lore): deer

Bird symbolism (based on traditional lore): cormorant

Color: dun (light yellowish brown)