Eamancholl (or Phagos) Symbol: Eamancholl or Phagos

Sound value: AE

Literal meaning: ‘twin of hazel’

Pronounced as “EM-un-khull” or “FAY-gus”


Northwest Europe


(Fagus sylvatica)

Features: Large deciduous tree with surface snake-like roots (Beech Family)

Uses: Wood used in furniture/tools. Medicinal uses.

North Central Florida


(Fagus grandifolia)

Features: Large deciduous tree (Beech Family)

Uses: Nuts used by wildlife. Wood is used for charcoal & fuelwood. Tar from the tree (creosote) is used to protect other woods from rotting. Leaves & bark provide extracts for making fabric dyes. +

+ School of Forest Res. & Conserv., Univ Florida, Forest Trees

American Beech

American Beech (Fagus grandifolia)