Eabha         Symbol: Eabha

Sound value: E/EA

Literal meaning: Aspen

Pronounced as “EH-yuh”

Northwest Europe


(Populus tremula)

Features: Deciduous tree that sends up suckers to grow in natural groves. Found in sunny wet areas. (Willow Family)

Uses: Wood for misc items, i.e. shields. Medicinal uses.

North Central Florida


(Liquidamber styraciflua L.)

Note: no direct local native equivalent found- this is not a Populus spp. tree, but has similar features to aspen.

Features: Medium to large deciduous tree (Altingiaceae Family)

Uses: used as flooring, furniture, veneers, home interiors, & other lumber applications, used as paper pulp, & to make baskets. Resin used. Medicinal uses. +

+ School of Forest Res. & Conserv., Univ Florida, Forest Trees

Sweet Gum

Sweetgum (Liquidamber styraciflua L.), Starke, Florida

Sweet Gum

Sweetgum (Liquidamber styraciflua L.), Starke, Florida

Sweet Gum roots

Sweetgum (Liquidamber styraciflua L.), Starke, Florida

Modern divinatory meaning: Courage & perseverance; Protects by shielding & resisting, gift from winds

Animal symbolism (based on traditional lore): horse

Bird symbolism (based on traditional lore): swan

Associated deities: Cronos

Color: rust red

Element: Air