Earth’s magnetic field & animals research

There’s been a whole slew of research showing that animals can sense or use the earth’s magnetic fields as an internal compass. (When do they find out humans can sometimes sense these fields also?) Keep on reading to see some of this research.

Cattle shown to align north-south- BBC News 25 August 2008 (Yes- we all thought we noticed this as kids driving on one of those long trips in California’s Central Valley- who knew?)

Pigeons ‘sense magnetic field’- BBC News  24 November, 2004 (Ah- what makes homing pigeons ‘home in’)

Magnetic field puts bats on track- BBC News 7 December 2006

Whales ‘led astray by magnetism’- BBC News 13 May, 2005 – +solar activity= magnetic field disturbances= confusion in whale’s navigation!

Sharks respond to magnetic lines- BBC News 15 December, 2004

About magnetic fields from NOAA