Climate change- tree growth, higher seas & green scum

Interesting recent reports about climate change effects-

About an hour east of Washington, D.C., there’s a forest where trees are suddenly growing much faster than ever before — some of them even twice as fast:  Curiosity Rises With Trees’ Strange Growth Spurt- NPR, 3-28-10. Just the fact that this researcher has seen a 12% rise in carbon dioxide in the 23 years he’s taken measurements is amazing by itself. (Higher CO2 so faster tree growth?)

Greenland and Antarctica hold the world’s largest reservoirs of fresh water, locked in their giant ice sheets. Global warming may cause large parts of these ices sheets to melt within centuries — changing the shape of coastlines around the world. Neat animated graphic of coastal area around the world & the effects of rising sea levels:  Rising Temperatures, Disappearing Coastlines– NPR, 12-8- 2009

Green globs of  mucilage form around the Mediterranean coasts in the summer. But the authors of a recently published study on mucilages found that outbreaks have risen nearly exponentially over the last two decades. And they are forming in the winter as well. Researchers suspect a connection between the proliferation of these goopy blobs and climate-driven sea surface warming:  Watch out for the blob!- Yahoo Green, 10-22-09