Giving Back

jointeam_small Wiccans, (neo)Pagans, Witches and fellows Lending Team on Kiva Kiva is a non-profit website that allows you to lend as little as $25 to low-income entrepreneurs across the globe. As part this team you can choose to have a future loan on Kiva “count” towards the team’s impact. The loan is still yours, and repayments still come to you – but you can also choose to have the loan show up in a team’s collective portfolio, so the team’s overall impact will grow! So far this group has loaned over $194,000!

Operation Circle Care Yuletide Packages by Circle Sanctuary. As part of its Military Ministries, Circle Sanctuary sends spiritual materials and support to Pagans on active duty in the United States Military. Operation Circle Care started in 2006 with the mailing of Yuletide care packages to Pagan troops serving in war zones and later expanded to sending mailings to all Pagans on active duty deployed overseas. At Yule 2017, this program was expanded to serve all Pagans on active duty at US military installations, on ships, and overseas.