Druid Groups Map

This is a map of public Druid groves and study groups in North America. I started researching groups while traveling the continent, and decided to share this others. The map started in April 2014 with 150 groups, which has now grown to:


Note: the map is best viewed on a larger screen.

Disclaimer: There is no implied endorsement of groups on this map. Carefully evaluate & investigate any group.

Recent Changes – Several factors have resulted in fewer Druid groups out on the internet, and on this map. One was the demise of Witchvox at the end of 2019, and the removal of that website’s group listings. Others are due to shakeups in orders, and normal fluctuations.  This has resulted in a decrease from approximately 315 groups in early 2019.

Map Navigation

Zoom controls are on left, and click on a cluster or an icon to see info.

Zoom in with mouse

Zoom in with your mouse to expand a cluster of icons, and zoom in closely to see all groups in an area.

Contact groups

Groups are dynamic & the map locations general. Verify status & area served with each group.

Map Questions

Who says these are groups of Druids?
The people in the groups, and/or Druid organizations say they are Druids – not me. Other than role or video game players, if a group self-identifies as Druid they can be on this map. (See the other tabs for more information on how a group is listed.)
Do these groups meet in person?
Yes- this map only shows Druid groups that meet in person – ‘cyber’ or virtual communities, or individual websites are not included. It is the intent of this map to inform people of Druid groups that are gathering together locally on a regular basis to practice their path.
Are these groups public?
This map is compiled from public online sources on organization and individual websites. Groups must have a valid public link hosted elsewhere on the Internet to be included on the map. (This way each group has already come forward, and dealt with their own privacy issues.)

Not every Druid group (or order) is public, so there will be many private groups that are not on this map. Most orders provide information on their groups, but there also are some who do not so their private groups are not listed. If a group is clearly inactive (like many Yahoo groups), they are also not included.

Contact each group for their meeting requirements – just because a group has information available on the internet doesn’t necessarily mean you can immediately come to business meetings, a festival, or ritual. Just as you should be checking out any group you are looking into, most groups will also want to learn about you.

Why just North American groups?
There wasn’t a current, searchable map with contact information that showed all types of Druid groups on it. (Though Mike at RDNA has kept some good maps over the years.)  As to North America- it is my continent, and I had to limit the project somehow. As it is, I am stretching my limited Spanish and French.

If people want to research and send me information on groups in Greenland (while included in the North American continent, it is part of the Kingdom of Denmark) or in South America, let me know and we can talk about expanding the map. You would need to contact me in English, and check for new groups a few times a year, like I do now.

Why are some groups listed as self-reported for an order?
Some groups on the map are listed as self-reported for an order. This is my method of disclosing that either the Druid order does not publish a list of their groups, or that the group in question is not on the Order’s list (which can easily happen if the group is new, for instance).

I do my best to use the public information that both orders and groups provide, and I don’t want to mislead anyone about an individual group’s affiliation. (And I have had one instance where the order in question appreciated the ‘self-reported’ comment.)

Are group locations exact?
Group locations are very general (mostly at the town level). All markers are placed on a park or other common area, even for those groups that publicize their street address. You will have to contact a group to get more information. 
What groups are not on this map?
Groups that are not on this map include

Druid distance or in-house training programs (unless associated with a group that meets regularly for other activities).

Gaming or role-play groups.

Cyber or internet-only groups.

Private groups (includes groups that are not already on the internet).

Groups outside of North America.

Obviously inactive groups.

Pan-pagan groups that follow some other tradition as their primary path. This includes ‘ecumenical’, Pagan Pride, or festival groups.

Groups whose webpages are attack sites.

New groups, or those I have not found yet.

How does a group get on the map?
I search order lists and the internet several times a year to keep the map up to date. You can also contact me to add a public online, meeting in-person, Druid group in North America. (Also for any corrections or revisions.)

Just let me know the:

  • Group name
  • Town, state, and country
  • Internet link with contact info (order webpage, Facebook, Witchvox, Yahoo Group, website, etc. listing)
  • Affiliation (if any)

Publication Info

This Druid Groups Map page was originally published on April 3, 2014. It is regularly updated.

Revisions include:

April 2016- new map icons, enlarged map, added search features