Seeing the beauty in nature, and exploring the ways we find to be Druids in our land



Druids see and rejoice in the daily miracles of the natural world around us. The cycles of the seasons, life and death (and rebirth, for those of us who believe in this), and the cosmic dance instruct and inspire. We draw upon the past for inspiration, and our deep respect for learning, science, and the arts has shaped our new modern traditions. And like the many types of wildflowers in a meadow, Druids span a wide range of traditions and ‘religions’ (Pagan, monotheistic, agnostic, none, or any combination thereof).

Many people when first drawn to Druidry lack a knowledge of training resources, groups, active orders, and the traditions these orders originated from. These resources and information will help you learn about Druidry in North America.

Druid Orders

Community & Training


The Druid GroveAdvice for finding individuals and groups of Druids – how to explore and evaluate groups, and maps, guides, internet, and organization resources.


map 4-16Here is an interactive map of public groves and study groups in North America– regularly updated, it currently lists 290 groups across 5 countries.

Local Training

Local training opportunities vary widely. Many groves will have no formal training, as their members are progressing individually through their order’s programs. Some groves will have informal learning across a broad range of topics of interest to members. Individual groves may have their own training programs, but often only for seekers in their immediate geographical area.



Druids can follow any of a number of religious paths (or none).

Here is information on Paganism, Buddhism, and Christianity/Judasim.


wheel_280Many (but certainly not all) Druids follow a popular system of Celtic-inspired seasonal celebrations known as the Wheel of the Year.


river offering c 2007

Examples of spiritual offerings, the relationships you build, and ideas on appropriate places and items.

Misc. Druid Info


Druid Robes

A look at Druid clothing in history, how ceremonial clothing is used by present-day Druids, and ritual clothing tips and resources.

Group healing prayer and Druids

When we have groups of Druids praying for people they don’t know, what are the concerns? Ethics, some basic rules to healing prayer, and examples of prayer gone wrong.

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