Lughnasadh- this year’s harvest

It’s just past Lughnasadh and the first harvest is here. This last year we’ve been living and traveling in our motor home full time, and I’ve been able to visit with other Druids from New Orleans to Toronto. Most of the new content in this site over the last year has been in new or revised permanent pages, so here is a recap of what has been going on. Oh- you’ll notice a new look (still being tweeked), as I migrated to a new design theme over the last couple of months. A (late) Happy Lughnasadh to all!

Druid Groups Map

Dr Grp mapAs a result of my travels I started looking up Druid groups, and my guides suggested I share what I found. The resulting Druid Groups Map is compiled from public online sources, and lists North American groups that meet in person. So far there are over 170 groups stretching from Alaska to Panama. The map is interactive, and I’ll be regularly updating it.






Wheel of the Year and Festivals

I added the last festival page to my Wheel of the Year section, and expanded on all festival pages as part of a series of articles in the OBOD East Coast Gathering’s private online magazine (Amethyst).



For years I’ve looked at the available Wheel of the Year graphics, and wanted a Druid version. So I started with a template while learning a new graphics program and just came up with a ‘Druid wheel’ for the website. More graphics may be afoot!




Ogham & Misc.

One of my posts on an online forum grew into an article published in the inaugural issue of AODA’s Trilithon print journal. It is also available here – A Local Ogham: Finding Your Area’s Sacred Plants.

I also expanded on information I gave out for years on the AODA Facebook page, on resources for Finding Other Druids.

The Future

I will be adding a section on my visits with Druids around North America, and we’ll see what else pops up!