Happy Imbolc/Candlemas

Even in the hardest part of winter the signs of spring approach- tree buds start to swell, and daylight is noticeably longer. Celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere around February 1st as Imbolc (the Feast of Brigit), Oimelc (ewes’ milk), Candlemas (Feb. 2nd), St. Brigid’s Day, or Groundhog Day, we know that the promise of new growth awaits.

 ‘Brigit, excellent woman, sudden flame,
may the bright fiery sun take us to the lasting kingdom.’  Carmina Gadelica


Imbolc (or Festival of Brigit/Brighid/Brid/Bridget/Brigantia/Bride/etc) celebrates the celtic goddess/christian saint.  The goddess Brigit was known for smithcraft, poetry and healing. Here is an online site & virtual shrine to Brigit and another online virtual shrine.)

Brigit’s Flame, Kildare, Ireland, 2004

The ancient flame kept for Brigit has again been re-lit and cared for by the Brigidine Sisters in Kildare Ireland (a wonderful and welcoming order of nuns).

Féile Bríde – Brigid’s Festival in Kildare Town, Ireland is a week- long series of events commencing on the eve of St.Brigid’s Day, the first day of February.

About the Author

Retired from an environmental protection career in California, and letting her forested land in the Southeast heal itself, Dana is traveling in an RV with her husband throughout North America. As a Druid, she enjoys building connections - keeping seasonal festivals (the Wheel of the Year), honoring places and spirits, connecting with plants (using the Ogham), and visiting with other Druids.

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