Christianity, Judaism & Middle East Traditions

Christianity and Judaism share a deity, religious writings, and a long history. Nature centered currents in these religions are being renewed and re-integrated using Druid teachings. There are also those who are working to revive other Semitic spiritual traditions from the Middle East.

Allied Druid Orders

Orders in North America with inclusive practice or teachings on divinity- i.e. for monotheists, Christians, Jews, and others:

Ancient Order of Druids in America
Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids
Reformed Druids of Gaia
Reformed Druids of North America


Bridget sml

St Brigid statue, Kildare Ireland, 2004

The Early Celtic Church

The Celtic Church is a term some use to represent the early Catholic Church in Ireland, Scotland, and England, at its most prominent from about the 5th to 7th centuries a period of time when it was most isolated from Catholic Church leadership in Rome.

“A distinctive characteristic of Celtic Christian spirituality is a keen awareness of the fact that we do not just “fit” the spiritual into our lives somewhere or sometime when it’s convenient, but instead we know that we are part of the spiritual life, immersed in it while living in the material world. Thus we see, through spiritual eyes, the holiness of all creation around us and take seriously our role as stewards. This is certainly a necessary attitude in our world today.” (The Celtic Christian Church)



Hasidic Druids of North America & Hasidic Druids of Earth

In the early 1970s, the Hasidic Druids of North America was founded in St. Louis, Missouri, US by Issac Bonewits and other members of the Reformed Druids of North America.  This was in response to members who were raised Jewish, but wanted “a Druidism with Neopagan polytheology and Yiddish/Jewish cultural patterns” (Bonewit’s Essential Guide to Druidism, Pg. 90). While only active for a few years, there are HDNA writings available in the – A Reformed Druid Anthology, The Great Druish Books chapter.

The HDNA has recently been reincarnated as the Hasidic Druids of Earth, which is open to anyone of a Jewish heritage or inclination, and is interested in Reformed Druidism.

Other Middle Eastern Spirituality


Natib Qadish – A Canaanite Polytheistic Religion

Phoenician-Carthaginian-Canaanite-Middle Eastern Spirituality * (Facebook) – a group on the spiritualities of Phoenician-Carthaginian-Canaanite cultures that spread across the Mediterranean

Semitic Neopaganism – religions of the ancient Near East, with links to Semitic Neopagan sites

The Temple of Sumer * (Facebook) – to explore and revive the religion, culture, philosophy, and history of the Sumerian people

     * Private Facebook groups, so their content is hidden. Exercise normal caution.

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