Happy Alban Elfed

I’m going off to the woods to hang with other druids- so happy early Alban Elfed everyone! Go here to see my fall equinox page.

September Ogam- Gort (Ivy)

The Ogam for September is Gort, or the ivy plant. Go here for a complete page with plant information, my Florida equivalent plant, associations, folklore and more.

Summer Solstice, Hill of Tara, Ireland- 2004

On my pilgrimage to Ireland, we joined Pagans from many nations for the 2004 Summer Solstice Festival at the Hill of Tara. As I remember this event again this solstice, it’s time to share the events I was privileged to take part in at Tara nine years ago.

Group healing prayer and Druids

When we have groups of Druids praying for people they don’t know, what are the concerns? Ethics, some basic rules to healing prayer, and examples of prayer gone wrong.