Eco or green burials

Conventional burial wastes resources and is a disconnect with nature. Green burial uses sustainable, biodegradable materials and preserves land in trust as open space. Burial resources and information provided.

The ‘princesses’ hustle

Going beyond the ‘princess culture’ that corporations are selling and using to damage our girls and boys. Resources are provided on how to foster strong, self-reliant girls and boys.

How we keep Beltane

Celebrated as May Day, Beltane, the first day of Celtic summer, or when most spring flowers are blooming, May 1st is a special time for many of us. Here is a gallery showing how we keep this holiday now – celebrations, observances, and music included.

Finding Other Druids

Advice for finding other Druids – how to explore and evaluate groups, with maps, guides, internet, and organization resources.

November Ogam-Beith (Birch)

The Ogam for November, the first month of the Celtic year, is Beith or the Birch tree- symbolizing purification, protection, & beginnings. Go here for a complete page with plant information, my Florida […]