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  • Druid Groups Map of North America

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  • Ancient Sites in North America

    Petroglyphs from Coso Rock Art National Historic Landmark, by US Navy Employee/ PD

Druid Robes

A look at Druid clothing in history, how ceremonial clothing is used by present-day Druids, and ritual clothing tips and resources.

Whither Halloween?

The costumes and consumption that make up Halloween now, and a plea for Pagans to preserve the simpler Halloween traditions.

Pondering Samhain and ancestors

Ancestors, death and dying, bereavement, and comforting gods. Weaving these together to see how we plan for our own deaths, look to ancestors, let loved ones go, and look to the gods to see us through the transition of death.

When your Gods gets real

A response to the debates resulting from Morpheus Ravenna’s article Theurgic binding: or, “S#!t just got real”. I discuss the ramifications of formal dedication to a god, and the baggage Pagans bring to the situation.