New Stonehenge (& similar) discoveries

Stonehenge 2003

Given the recent discovery of the remains of a wooden henge near Stonehenge, those in the know are saying that theories that the stone circle existed in “splendid isolation” can now be put to rest.  I would say so given that there have been lots of recent discoveries in the area, proving that these sites are regional in nature.



Archaeologists unearth Neolithic henge at Stonehenge, BBC News, 22 July 2010

The circular ditch surrounding a smaller circle of deep pits about a metre (3ft) wide has been unearthed at the world-famous site in Wiltshire. Archaeologists used radar imaging to find this circle, and believe timber posts were in the pits.***

Was Marden Henge the builder’s yard for Stonehenge?, Guardian, 28 July 2010

There is evidence that Marden was a sort of builder’s yard for workers bringing the sarsen stones to Stonehenge.


Stonehenge builders’ houses found, BBC News, 20 January 2007

Excavations at Durrington Walls, near the legendary Salisbury Plain monument, uncovered remains of ancient houses.


6,000-year-old tombs found next to Stonehenge, the Sunday Times, 10 June 2009

The tombs were found from airplane.


And technology has helped us find these other ancient sites:

A German Stonehenge , Science Channel

the site may date back to as far as 5,000 B.C., which would make it the oldest astronomical observatory on the European continent.


Another Stonehenge Discovered Under Lake Michigan?, io9

A group of researchers using sonar believe they’ve found a 10-thousand-year-old stone structure like Stonehenge.