Ancient Sites in North America

Our land has a vibrant and ancient history. Today’s modern archaeology and residents/stewards are working together, revealing new connections up and down our continent. This is a map of just a few of the larger and still visible man-made ancient sites in North America – for each site shown there are hundreds more.

The first links in the pop-up description will include park or location information, if available. So far, there are currently over 150 sites listed.

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The map locations are general; verify address and only visit public sites. Always respect these places.

Map Questions

How did you choose what sites to include on the map?
This map shows representative man-made and still visible ancient sites. I went looking for larger, usually protected and/or formally recognized sites. (Using things like national parks or historic area lists, international lists, and the like.) That usually lead me to state or other lists.
What area does the map cover, and/or what is North America?
This map is of sites in North America, which includes Greenland (yes, it does), Canada south to Panama, and the islands of the Caribbean.
You are using CE & BCE for dates- what dating system is this?
Using BC/AD (before and after the death of Jesus Christ) didn’t seem appropriate, and is an archaic usage now. There is also BP- before present- which dates everything to 1950 when carbon dating was first available. (Just confusing and weird.) So I defaulted to the modern BCE/CE (before and after common era). I also use c. for circa, or the symbol ~ (both mean about). (So it is c. 2016 CE when I first published this map.)
What are the areas with no markers/big gaps about?
These ‘blank’ spaces tend to be in the central (Great) plains of the US where so much agriculture has occurred, disturbing or obliterating sites. I am searching for sites to add for these areas. 
How come my local sites/mountains/sacred sites are not on the map?
This map shows a few of the larger visible ancient man-made sites in North America. Some of these may have been ‘sacred’, and others were not. I also tend to show sites that are on public land. There will be many other sites throughout the continent. 
Publication Info

This Ancient Sites in North America page was originally published on May 1, 2016. It will be regularly updated.