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A standard set of seasonal festivals

A Druid Wheel of the Year

Druid Wheel of the Year

Winter Solstice

 Solstice literally means the ‘sun stands still.’ It is a bi-annual astronomical event where for a few days the sun appears to stand still in the sky because in its elevation at noon, it does not seem to change.

The winter solstice marks days with the shortest daylight and longest nights, but it also marks when this starts to reverse and the daylight increases. Daylight and night will be roughly equal three months later at the spring equinox.

 This year, the northern hemisphere’s winter solstice occurs around December 21, 2022. (To find when this happens in your time zone use this seasons page at


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“It’s an attitude, an understanding, an exquisitely simple and natural philosophy of living. For a great many it is a rich and ancient religion, a mystical spirituality. For others it’s simply a guiding way of life. It is absolutely open and free for anyone to discover.”
Remma Restall Orr, Druid Priestess, 2000