Druid traditions,


and thoughts

Following the Seasons

A Druid Wheel of the Year

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Ogam tree for August

Muin (Vine)




Giving Back

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God is a circle whose centre is everywhere
and whose circumference is nowhere.”
by Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)



Eco or green burials

Conventional burial wastes resources and is a disconnect with nature. Green burial uses sustainable, biodegradable materials and preserves land in trust as open space. Burial resources and information provided.

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The ‘princesses’ hustle

Going beyond the ‘princess culture’ that corporations are selling and using to damage our girls and boys. Suggestions are provided on how to foster strong, self-reliant girls and boys- including mythology and story books with powerful women, and online sources to help empower girls.

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How we keep Beltane

Celebrated as May Day, Beltane, the first day of Celtic summer, or when most spring flowers are blooming, May 1st is a special time for many of us. Here is a gallery showing how we keep this holiday now – celebrations, observances, and music included.



Growing Herbs

Some experiences growing medicinal and Druid herbs. Photos and info on Angelica, Lady’s Mantle, Meadowsweet, Mugwort, vervain, and more.



Samhain 2012

This year’s Samhain and ‘Celtic new year’ activities included rituals for protection and good fortune, the obligatory pumpkin carving, and feasting. Hurricane Sandy Prayers, saining with salt, full moon prayers for peace, Samahin, ritual house cleaning, ancestor’s feast, jack-o-lantern, and drawing wash rituals.


Spiritual Offerings

Thoughts on spiritual offerings- earth, air, fire, water, and spirit offerings. Examples of outdoors, pagan, or druid offerings.


US Hate Groups & Denial- Are We Next?

The Confederate flag, hate groups, and how we need to watch out for hate in our Druid groves and Pagan groups. The related satanic panic surrounding the Pennsacola FL accusation of ritual murder.


New – Buddhism page

I have added a page with Buddhist resources of interest to Druids.

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Pondering Samhain and ancestors

Ancestors, death and dying, bereavement, and comforting gods. Weaving these together to see how we plan for our own deaths, look to (and become) ancestors, let loved ones go into the great river of time, and look to the gods (like the Mari Lywd) to see us through the transition of death.


Pagan Pastoral Care Resources

Pagan pastoral care resources- including prayers, counseling, death & dying, clergy, and training programs.


When your Gods gets real

A response to the debates resulting from Morpheus Ravenna’s article Theurgic binding: or, “S#!t just got real”. I discuss the ramifications of formal dedication to a god, and the baggage Pagans bring to the situation.



“It’s an attitude, an understanding, an exquisitely simple and natural philosophy of living. For a great many it is a rich and ancient religion, a mystical spirituality. For others it’s simply a guiding way of life. It is absolutely open and free for anyone to discover.”
Remma Restall Orr, Druid Priestess