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A standard set of seasonal festivals

A Druid Wheel of the Year

Druid Wheel of the Year


Samhain (October 31st)

Samhain is seen as the Celtic new year, and a festival of the approaching dark winter season which is balanced at the opposite point of the wheel of the year by the spring festival of Beltane — a festival of light and fertility. 


Commonly a three-day festival, Samhain is often observed on October 31 starting at sundown. (Though it can encompass the month of October into early November.)

With the veil between this world and the Otherworld, including the afterlife, being at its thinnest point of the whole year, Samhain is a fine time to celebrate the lives of those who have passed on.


Pondering Samhain & Ancestors

Ancestors, death & dying, bereavement, & comforting gods.

Samhain 2012

One year’s Samhain and ‘Celtic new year’ activities & rituals.

Whither Halloween?

A plea for Pagans to preserve the simpler Halloween traditions.


Religions, Diversity, & Inclusion

Nature & Our Lands


“It’s an attitude, an understanding, an exquisitely simple and natural philosophy of living. For a great many it is a rich and ancient religion, a mystical spirituality. For others it’s simply a guiding way of life. It is absolutely open and free for anyone to discover.”
Remma Restall Orr, Druid Priestess, 2000